Website is LIVE!

We know the local love is strong in this amazing community! This is your opportunity to help local businesses thrive and show your loved ones on your Christmas lists what shopping local is all about! The quality, customer service, love and true passion put into creating each product and one on one service makes all the difference.

Let’s make an impact that will help turn around this economy! Our website is LIVE until December 24th!

The Online Holiday Marketplace

Big news! We are offering an alternative to shopping local this Holiday season, online shopping in the comfort on your own home, that is!!

Vendors get ready for an amazing website, featuring YOU! Shoppers can easily click the link from our beautiful, user-friendly website and shop directly from your webpage, increasing your direct sales and website traffic!

Rest assured we will continue to have in-person markets as well!

Get ready for a multi-day online marketplace, from November 6th to December 24th and cross everyone off your Christmas list. Apply to be part of something amazing!

May 17th Virtual Market

We are super excited to announce our very own Virtual Market! We need to come together and offer these services for our local community! It’s so vital for our own well being and for the well being of our amazing small shops. This is a FREE service we are providing local businesses. (Applications now closed)

There will be exclusive discounts and a cash prize, for our special shoppers! So save the date, we cannot wait for you to join us!